Cities Near Pickwick Lake, Alabama, US
City / Town Name Population County State
Adamsville Hardin County TN
Anderson 2,103 Lauderdale County AL
Belmont 5,610 Tishomingo County MS
Burnsville 9,888 Tishomingo County MS
Cherokee 4,711 Colbert County AL
Cloverdale Lauderdale County AL
Counce 2,451 Hardin County TN
Counce Tishomingo County TN
Crump 508 Hardin County TN
Dennis 4,329 Tishomingo County MS
Florence 90,706 Lauderdale County AL
Glen Tishomingo County MS
Golden 6,828 Tishomingo County MS
Iuka 63,805 Tishomingo County MS
Iuka Colbert County MS
Killen 12,945 Lauderdale County AL
Leighton 4,998 Colbert County AL
Lexington 3,917 Lauderdale County AL
Michie Hardin County TN
Milledgeville Hardin County TN
Morris Chapel 977 Hardin County TN
Muscle Shoals 16,104 Colbert County AL
Olivehill 622 Hardin County TN
Pickwick Dam Hardin County TN
Red Bay Colbert County AL
Rogersville 15,744 Lauderdale County AL
Russellville Colbert County AL
Saltillo 673 Hardin County TN
Sardis Hardin County TN
Savannah 17,184 Hardin County TN
Scotts Hill Hardin County TN
Sheffield 9,478 Colbert County AL
Shiloh 410 Hardin County TN
Tishomingo 7,542 Tishomingo County MS
Town Creek Colbert County AL
Tuscumbia 18,361 Colbert County AL
Waterloo 1,839 Lauderdale County AL
Waterloo Hardin County AL

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