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Spring Fishing on Pickwick Lake

Reed's Guide Service
Posted: 3/1/2005

Reed Montgomery

The post spawn season some call it. Bass of both species come off the beds and their hungry. Pickwick Lake during the May and early June season shows some of the years best fishing for both smallmouth bass and largemouth bass.

The smallmouth bass, typically found in the lakes headwaters below Wilson Lake dam in the tailrace waters, can now be located along main lake rock bluffs, the mouths of small cuts and pockets and along submerged ridges, humps and old rock piles.

Largemouth bass, found spawning in creek backwaters in recent weeks, can be scattered after the spring spawn. Some quality sized largemouth bass (up to 10 pounds) are still caught in the same places they practiced the rituals of spawning in March, April and early May.

Some of these largemouth bass may relate to the mouths of creeks, creek channel drop-offs, and the deeper, outer creek channel bends and ledges. Or both species can be found in the far upper reaches of feeder creeks, where they seek the cooler oxygenated water often found in mountainous type feeder creek headwaters.

So anglers choosing lures to catch these post spawn bass can show various favorites. As most anglers know, the warmer the water gets the more susceptible these bass of both species can be to a well placed topwater lure. Walking type lures, like the Zara Spook and Sammie, Popping lures like the Pop-r's or chuggers and other concave face models, Buzzbaits, prop baits and others all fool these bass into striking a topwater lure during these next few weeks.

The same goes for other lures that will fool both species of bass such as deep diving crankbaits, rattling lipless lures such as the world famous Rattletraps, Spro's Viv series and Cotton Cordell's Rattling Spots. Spinnerbaits are excellent lures and fool big, trophy bass in May and June, especially around any wood cover or new growing weeds.

On the bottom the array of lures can be endless. Worms from 4 inches to 8 inches, lizards in the same lengths, crayfish imitations and jig combos, tube baits, shad imitations, grubs, and creature type lures with several trailing appendages all fool bass of all sizes. Even deep water bass will begin to bunch up and lures such as jigging spoons, tailspinners, and the new drop shot rigs, show vertical presentation rigs that will fool bass in deeper water hangouts, in Pickwick Lake during May and early June.

Need help fishing Pickwick Lake this summer? Always call on Reeds Guide Service (205) 787-5133. "Over 40 years fishing Alabama's Lakes for bass and stripers."

Be safe this summer on our very crowded lakes. Good Fishing...Reed

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Reed Montgomery / Reeds Guide Service
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Birmingham, Alabama
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